@sxswCrush: a behavioral experiment

It’s time to dust off last year’s project, SxSW Crush, and get ready for this year’s geek spring break better known as SXSWi 2011. For those not familiar, this little project lets you anonymously declare your romantic or platonic crushes via the twitter account @sxswCrush. Plans for new and improved-ness include.

  1. Show list of current tweets as they are popping up.
  2. Better explanation of what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks this thing is.
  3. #isawyou

I Saw You is a huge new feature. As I recently learned, the phenomena of leaving i-almost-hit-on-you-but-didnt-have-the-balls missives dates back to the 1800s when they were published in newspapers. Now the bleeding edge of technology will help your bleeding heart find its match. In addition to declaring who you have crushes on, you may also tell us voyeurs about the fleeting eye contact and awkward smile with the cute dorky boy. I love reading that stuff. If you you’re the dorky boy the tweet is talking about, Yahtzee! We’ll do some dm’s and get you two kids hooked up (hopefully, literally.)

If you have other ideas for more antics, send them my way!

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