Curated City Guides with Moxie

Ryan Snyder and Dietrich Ayala, both devs at Mozilla, and I put together a city curation site, Basically, the idea is that you’re in a city, say St. Louis, for a conference or wedding or somesuch. What you really wish is that you had a college buddy that’s awesome that can show you the magic of the city. Unfortunately, you know no one. Instead of spending a couple days sorting through Yelp, you can get a curated list of the top 6 to 10 spots with us.

We’re featuring the personality of the curator very strongly. Where would a graphic designer that’s also a rockabilly guitar player in his spare time take you? Or where would a sommelier take you?

The site’s not for everyone. It’s not a budget travel guide… where’s the best three dollar burrito. It’s not for the pleated khakis Dockers and wrinkled shirt crowd. We have a strong voice. We’re building this for folks like us.

The business plan is to build apps in iPhone and Android with additional content. There will be one app per city guide.

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