Motion Capture Game Idea


What do you do with ideas that aren’t really in your area of expertise? I’m going to blog it and see what happens.

The idea is pretty simple, a motion capture game that projects a dot onto the wall. You throw a dodgeball at it. The camera records and scores accuracy. As you increase in skill the game gets harder by moving the dot faster and further out from center. The further out it is, the more oblique the angle of the rebound. This could be single or multi player.

Requirements: projector, motion capture camera, bouncy ball

It could be marketed to

  • gyms as awesome cardio workout
  • in-store promo for fitness brands
  • baseball clinic

Wanna build it?

@skinny Find the right people to build it for you. With a Kinect and some good programmers (like @anselm, perhaps) you could have a proto.less than a minute ago via web

@skinny Actually a pretty neat idea. Sounds like a good Hack Day project, camera tracking/MS-Kinect /cc @agentFin @kenkeiter @anselm @3enless than a minute ago via web

@skinny That looks like a good match for @fashionbuddha!less than a minute ago via web

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