PieLabPDX debuts at 30 Hour Day

Sorry for the absence of postings lately, but I’ve been busy building things… physical things with molecules and stuff and not just pushing ones and zeroes around. The thing in question: a pie cart. When I tell people I’m building a pie cart I get a blank stare. They blink a few times and then say “You mean, you’re building a pie cart?” I say “Yes! A pie cart! With, you know… pie! Also, ice cream and coffee!” Then I launch into explaining that it’s a laboratory for behavioral experiments. That takes even longer to sink in.

Let me give you an example of one game that we’ll play that actually was the inspiration for it all. It came from a blog post written by Cabel Sasser of Panic about a Mystery Cafe that he stumbled upon in Japan. It works like this. A customer orders as usual but it’s explained that they don’t get what they ordered… they get what the person before them ordered. The person who comes after them will get what they ordered. It’s a big chain. You can elect to set the person after you for a sweet treat.

Back to the pie: the cart will serve beautiful slices of homemade pies. The flavors will be mostly tried and true recipes from my granny but there will be the occasional gourmand flavor like Momofuku’s chocolate pie that has a cult following in NYC. A la mode? Of course, and there will be an ever-ready pot of fresh coffee at hand.

Again, a giant thanks to all of those who made the Kickstarter project a success! We raised $1650 to help cover the costs of the construction, permitting, and insurance. Hugs to all!

I debuted at 30 Hour Day, a livestreaming telathon to benefit the Oregon Food Bank this past Saturday. Have a look at the beautiful pics!

[caption id=”attachment_120” align=”aligncenter” width=”410” caption=”photo by Aaron Hockley : flickr.com/photos/ahockley/”]photo by Aaron Hockley : flickr.com/photos/ahockley/[/caption]



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